Google Meet Integration

We understand how important it is for teams to establish and maintain good relationships. Video conferencing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve that. You can now launch a Google Meet / Hangouts call directly from Taskworld chat or Task comment.



Do you need a place to keep important project notes for you and your team? You can now take notes to organize and store information in your projects!


Pinned Project

Do you need to prioritise or centralise information? You can now ask your workspace admin to pin one project as a “pinned” project to highlight its importance and give everyone access in one click.


Table View

A new and powerful viewing option that allows you to work on your projects in a familiar spreadsheet format.

We created this User Guide article for an in-depth explanation of the feature, and to help you get started with Table View.

Here are some of the key functionalities of Table View:

  • Sorting tasks: A lot of you have requested sorting tasks by start and due dates in the past - this is now possible with Table View! Additionally, you can now also sort by tags, task title, assignees, and other task properties.

  • In-cell editing: Adding checklist items, adjusting followers, or changing the description - you can work on your tasks directly within the table.

  • Grouping and filtering tasks: See what’s important for you by grouping your tasks by tasklist, assignees, or followers, and add custom filters based on your preferences.

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