Welcome Guests Into Your Workspace

Collaborate seamlessly with clients, suppliers and other third parties on Taskworld

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We are thrilled to launch one of our most requested features — Workspace Guests.

We know you’re collaborating everyday with not just your team but also third parties such as suppliers, clients, contractors etc. So far Taskworld had been your team’s private workspace while you relied on emails and other tools to communicate with external teams.

Our latest feature allows you to collaborate with anyone you want inside your Taskworld workspace.

One stop place to get all your work done. Period.

Guests settings are carefully chosen to ensure that your workspace privacy isn’t breached. By restricting guest visibility to only their work, your team members don’t need to worry about disclosing sensitive company information.

You can work with multiple guests in one workspace without them ever having to see each other. This is really powerful for agencies with a vast clientele.

To find out more about this feature, go out check our User Guide article.

The Guest Feature is available on our Business plan, where you can invite up to 50 guests for free!


Searching on Taskworld just got 2X faster!

Introducing Smart Search — One search bar to find anything inside Taskworld, twice as fast.

Ah.. that feeling of finding exactly what you are looking for. It truly is special, isn’t it?

It’s like finding your passport in the first drawer that you open. Finding your car keys in the first pocket that you check.

Although the real world doesn’t always work like that, we want Taskworld to make up for it.

That’s why we are bringing Smart Search to Taskworld

Smart Search is one search field to find anything & everything inside Taskworld. From projects, tasklists and tasks to people. It’s an elegant way to retrieve information.

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One search bar to find anything inside your workspace.

What’s smart about this search?

Our previous search used to limit results to five at a time for each category. If you wanted more info, you had to go to the overview page and use advanced filters.

We have made that simple.

Smart Search not only lets you search projects, tasklists, tasks and people but also take you to a dedicated search result page if you need more information.

Oh, and it’s blazing fast. More than 2X faster!

New search results page

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New Search Results page offers an intuitive way to filter your search results.

The new search results page allows you to explore all results related to your search. You can also use a combination of filters to fine tune your query.

For example, if you are searching for design-related tasks that are assigned to Nathan, simply search for “design” and click See all results for “design”

Under Tasks tab, go to the filter panel on left and select Nathan under Assigned to.

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You can use a combination of filters to fine-tune your search results.

You can also select multiple filters to search for a task. For example, if you select multiple projects, the results will show tasks belonging to both projects.

Click Reset all to remove filters and go back to default state.

It’s much faster and simpler

Smart Search is also a lot faster than the previous version. You’ll get your results before you can finish typing. Don’t take our word for it, give it a try :-)

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