Never miss a deadline with task reminders

Taskworld’s latest feature automatically reminds you and your teammates about upcoming tasks.

Overdue tasks result from mainly three factors—

  • Scope of work expands

  • Unforeseen problem arises

  • Deadline simply gets forgotten

While it’s impossible to avoid the first two, Taskworld’s new feature will ensure that you never forget your deadlines.

Introducing Reminders

You can now set task reminders on Taskworld. They allow you to remind yourself and/or your colleagues about an upcoming task at a specific time.

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How do I get reminded?

No one wants to miss deadlines, that’s why Taskworld makes sure that reminders for upcoming tasks reach you no matter where you are. You’ll be reminded by:

  • Flash notification inside Taskworld

  • Email

  • Notification in Taskworld’s feed

  • Push notifications on Taskworld’s mobile app (if enabled on mobile)

Note: You can turn off email and browser notifications from the Notifications option under Account Settings.

Reminders take away the stress of remembering when each task is due at all times. As David Allen once said, “Mind is for having ideas not holding them.”

Find out how to set up Task Reminder in this article!

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