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1. Click the "?" (help center) on the Top right section of Taskworld page

2. Click 'Install Desktop app'

3. You will see the pop-up message and lease click 'Install'

4. Taskworld shortcut is created on desktop and also opens as a separate window

5. You could pin Taskworld shortcut

- Mac : right-click on app > option > Keep in Dock

- Window : right-click on app > Pin to taskbar

Download the Taskworld app in your web browser

If you don't see the desktop app in the Help Center list, it's because it's already installed.

So, as follows :

1. After clicking the 'To open this link, choose an app' icon in the browser address bar,

2. Select 'Taskworld' from the connection programs and click Open.

Open in Chrome and uninstall Taskworld app

When using the Taskworld app, click the ... (Customize and control Taskworld) button at the top right of the app.

1. Open in Chrome: Taskworld opens directly in Chrome.

2. Taskworld removal: The Taskworld app is deleted, and the desktop app installation menu is activated again in the Help Center.

Install via Chrome shortcut

For reference, you can also install it using the 'Taskworld Shortcut' in the Chrome web browser.

1. After logging in to Taskworld in the Chrome browser, click Customize and Control Google Chrome in the upper right corner.

2. Click 'Install Taskworld'.

  • You can also install directly from the Taskworld web browser address input window.

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