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Maximize Task
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Written by Mathilde Pressouyre
Updated over a week ago

We have innovated our task property visibility for a more optimized view of its details and in-depth sight of its contents without the need of you to go back and forth from the comments to the task details.

This had been updated for us to be able to help you work efficiently and effectively 😄


  1. Open up a Task.

  2. Just beside the X or close panel, you will see two arrows pointing in the opposite direction which is the Enter Full Screen Icon.

  3. Click the icon and the task will display in full view with its comments and descriptions.


  1. After maximizing the task visibility.

  2. Click the Minimize Panel Icon which is presented as arrows facing each other.

  3. After clicking, this will result in the task going back to its original view that has limited visibility of its Properties, Comments, and File & Links.

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