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Add Images to the Description Field of Tasks
Add Images to the Description Field of Tasks
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Updated over a week ago

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2024 - You can now easily place images directly in the description field of a task!

If you've ever wanted to add an image to your task's description field, now you can! Customize your task description with an image to quickly remember what you're working on.

You can add an image using a quick copy-paste or the new Insert Image button. With this update, the image you copy into the description box will also automatically be copied to the Files & Links tab so you can search and browse for it more easily when needed.

Copy & Paste

Let’s walk through how to copy & paste a photo into your Task’s Description:

  1. Copy your image by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy image

  2. Head over to the task you want to add the image to

  3. Underneath Properties, you’ll see the Description box

  4. Right-click inside the Description box and select Paste (or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+ v) to paste your image inside (the image will be automatically resized to fit the Task Description box). Alternatively, you can use the attach image button.

Our update handles everything else in the background. Your Picture will be automatically added to the Files & Links section.

Upload using the Insert Image button

Alternatively, you attach a picture to the task description field using the new Insert Image button.

  1. Click anywhere inside the Description box to get the markdown buttons to appear

  2. Click the Insert Image button

3. Browse to your image, select it, and click Open

4. Your image is now in the Description field of your task and has been added to Files & Links

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