Using Tags & Labels
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1) Using Tags

Tags offer a powerful way to sort, filter, and organize tasks.

B) Inside Task Properties

  1. Click on the Task to open the Task Properties.

  2. You will find the Tags option under the Properties section of the Task Properties.

  3. Click on + next to the Tags option to add tags.

  4. You can search from existing Tags or create a new one using Create a New Tag button.

  5. Enter the tag name, select a color and click on the Create button.

2) Using Labels

Apart from tags, Taskworld also gives you the option of attaching colored labels to your tasks. This allows you to organize tasks the way you want.

  1. Click on the Task to access its Task Properties.

  2. Under the Properties section, find the Label option.

  3. You can select any one of the six colored labels for your task.

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