Project Analytics
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  1. Click on the project to go inside it.

  2. Click on the Analytics tab at the top

Here, you'll find the following charts:

1) Project Overview

Project Overview gives you a snapshot of important project metrics. A great way to measure overall project progress without going into much details.

2) Performance Dashboard

Performance dashboard shows you the performance of tasks created, assigned to and followed by you inside the project.

3) Burn-down/up charts

A burn down chart shows total work remaining. It is useful for predicting the likelihood of completing the project in-time.

A burn up chart compares the scope of a project to total work done. The project is finished when the two lines meet.

4) Tasklist Overview

It shows you the percentage of completed, planned and overdue tasks along with tasks without due date in each tasklist of the project. This is especially useful when each tasklist represents a team member.

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