Everything we released in February

GitHub integration

Connect your GitHub account to Taskworld to keep track of your code reviews directly in your project. Simply paste the link of your GitHub pull request into the task to see status and code lines added/removed in the task properties without having to switch tabs.

Change tasklist colors

Change tasklist colors to highlight certain sections of your project or give more structure by color-coding.

Table View improvements

You can now select an entire tasklist and perform bulk editing actions.

Custom fields can be displayed as columns and support sort and filter capabilities.

Other releases this month

What’s new in Experimental?

In our Experimental environment, you can try out some new features and other improvements in early-stage development.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your workspace via the usage dashboard in your workspace settings

Deep Focus with Do Not Disturb

Whether it be after working hours, during the weekend, or when you just need a few hours to work on something important without interruptions. Real-time notifications about task updates and work messages can be disturbing sometimes and kick you out of focus.

Taskworld’s new Do Not Disturb (DND) mode pauses all notifications and sounds for a time period of your choice, so you can focus on getting your tasks done without being distracted.

Instantly go into DND mode by toggling it on or set up a schedule if you need some uninterrupted time regularly.

Do Not Disturb is released as a beta version, and our team will add more status options such as vacation leave or sick days in the future.

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