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Deleting Your Workspace
Transferring Workspace Admin Ownership
Transferring Workspace Admin Ownership
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If you are a Workspace Admin and are about to delete your account, you might want to transfer the Workspace Ownership to one of your colleagues.

For security, privacy, and confidentiality reasons, you can only transfer Workspace Admin Ownership to another Workspace Admin of your Workspace.

How to transfer workspace ownership?

  1. Go to your Account Settings, and click on your profile image at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Select Account Settings.

  3. Click to Account Deletion. While doing so, you'll be asked to transfer your ownership.


What will be transferred?

  • Projects you are involved in

  • Tasklists you are involved in

  • Tasks you are assigned to / a follower of

  • Comments, links, documents, and folders

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