Creating Task by Email / Direct Task
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NOTE: It will only work if the email comes from a registered Taskworld email address. Email forwarding is not supported.

See the below image for your reference:


If it is the first time you've created a task by email, it will automatically create a Direct Task project in your Project Page List, once a Task by Email has been sent.


  • Your direct tasks will not be visible to other members unless you make them assignees/followers of your direct tasks

  • Once you remove the assignees/followers of your direct tasks, they won't be able to open your direct tasks anymore

  • Your direct tasks will be visible to the members who created them.

Additional note:

There is a possibility to have garbled characters when you use Outlook.
If you see the characters, please try changing the below setting.

1. On the Home tab of the message’s window, click Actions > Other Actions > Encoding to see what encoding is in use.

2. Click “More” and then choose "UTF-8".

After changing the encoding, try to create the task by email.

(Kindly refer to How to Change the Character Encoding in Outlook)

If you still need help after these steps, please reach out to Taskworld support

3. There are certain limitations being expected when sending a comment via email:

  • Outlook Webapp: The comment will not be logged.

  • MS Outlook: The comment will be logged but texts will appear broken.

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