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Collaboration 101
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Basic business chat etiquette

  1. Send consolidated messages - you wouldn't send every sentence of your business email separately either.

  2. Send it to the relevant people - is this update really relevant for everyone or just your team? See below which channel to use when

  3. Be clear about what you want - Tell the other person what your message is about right away instead of saying just "hi" and waiting for them to get back to you

  4. Be friendly and polite - sarcasm, irony and local jargon work better in person and can easily be misunderstood in chats.

  5. Consider a video meeting instead - Before you spend an hour sending messages back and forth, hop on a quick call to discuss details

What's the difference between Assignees and Followers?


Assignees - actively work on the task

Followers - need to monitor the progress and receive notifications about task updates

Imagine having an email chain with everyone who is involved in your project:

  • You would put the main recipients of your email (the ones who are supposed to answer to it) in the TO field - these are your assignees

  • Those that need to be aware of the entire email conversation but don't need to reply or chime in would be placed in CC - these are your followers

  • Sometimes you would need to forward an email, maybe to someone who just needs to know about the outcome instead of following along the entire conversation - you can use the @mention feature in the comment section (or group chats) to notify someone even if they are not part of the task.

Chats vs Comments

With Taskworld you have several ways to get in touch with your team - task comments, project chats, direct messages, the general chat and custom chat channels. But when should you use them?

  • Task comments - this is the right place for any task-related updates, questions, approvals or to drop documents that are associated to the task.

  • Project chat - If your message concerns multiple tasks or the entire project, the project chat is the right place to inform everyone about potential delays, roadblocks or general updates

  • Direct messages - Perfect if you need to discuss something one on one or start a video chat with one of your colleagues.

  • General chat - company wide updates and announcements are shared easily in the general chat which is automatically created and includes everyone in your workspace

  • Custom chat channels - Create a private or public group chat for your team, department or just to have a space to chit chat

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