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Import Project & Task CSV Data into Taskworld
Import Project & Task CSV Data into Taskworld
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Import Project & Task CSV Data into Taskworld

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2024 - You can now import project and task CSV Data into Taskworld.

Now, every time you create a new project in Taskworld, you’ll have the option to Import from CSV File.

Our new import from CSV feature helps you streamline migrating a new project over from another platform or your own data sets. It speeds up bringing in all your essential task data except for files.

To get started, we’ve included a blank project CSV here.

This CSV file will show you the necessary fields and columns, like Projects, Tasklist, Task, Assigned To, Followers, etc. you’ll need to have set to successfully import your project into Taskworld.

Please note: To successfully import your CSV, the value inside the cells of each column should be valid. For example, the value of the Point Column should be a number from 0-5.

How to Import Your CSV Data:

Let’s walk through how to import your project and task data into a new Taskworld project.

Step 1 (optional) - If you have other team members collaborating on a project with you, we suggest you invite them before importing your CSV data. This way, you can quickly remap everyone when you reach the Mapping Members section of setting up your project. them to your workspace first

Step 2 - Click the Create (Blue Plus) button at the top left of your Taskworld workspace or press your Enter key to get the option to create a New Project.

Step 3 - Click the Import from CSV File Button to import your CSV file

Step 4 - Then, navigate to the CSV file you want to use by clicking the Upload file button

Step 5 - You’ll then have the option to change the project’s name, write a description, and set it to public or private.

Step 6 - Manage Members

Now, you’ll have the option to remap team members' names to their Taskworld usernames.

For example, maybe in your CSV file, everyone is listed by email address or nickname. If you invited the team members to your project in Step 1, you’ll be able to link the CSV names to their Taskworld names, speeding up the process of assigning them to tasks, delegating, etc.

Please Note: if you don’t match anyone during this process, project assignments will default to whoever is doing the importing.

Step 7 - Create Project

Click the Create Project button at the bottom right of the Manage Members page, and your new project will import!

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