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Q3 2022
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Everything we released in July


The Automation feature enables users to automate tasks which will help them to reduce the efforts in creating automatic subtask, assign users to the task etc. It will help them to reduce their workload.

Automation feature is only available from the Business Plan and it is a group of preset rules that we have setup for the first phase of our release. Currently, only the admin can create automation for the project he/she is involved in.

Automation Options

  • When due date is approaching then move task

  • When due date is approaching then add assignee

  • When due date is approaching then add followers.

  • When task added to the project then add followers

  • When task status completed then move the task

For more exciting information with this feature please click Automation Feature.

2. Multiple downloads of files from a task

Having the option to select and choose to download multiple files in a task is time efficient, making work a breeze and organizing files easier.

  1. Open a task.

  2. Go to Files and Links.

  3. Choose a tickbox on what file you wish to download from the task. Then click download.

The new Teams feature is currently an MVP and we have plans to release a series of improvements in a short time.

Note: In a Team, there can only be one Team Leader, but for Admins, it's a different case, as we can have unlimited admins in one Team. Currently, they both have the same roles and share the same administrative power. However, in the future, when a teamwork delegation feature will be added, a team leader will have an additional purpose.

Only an Admin can set up a Team and this feature will not be available for Freemium and Premium Plans.

3. Open a Task in a New Tab

  1. Choose a task that you want to open.

  2. On the Tab Properties, hover over Go to Project.

  3. On your keyboard hold down on Ctrl then click the Go to Project icon.

  4. A new tab will pop up on your browser where the Project of the task is located.

Everything we released in August

Our recent update is about you having the option to change the date on when the task had been completed, you can choose the dates before or the current date of completion. The changes you have made will also reflect in the task activity log.

Everything we released in September

  1. Click on the channel or team member under direct messages.

  2. Click on the pin icon at the top right corner of your screen to pin team member/channel to your left navigation bar. Clicking it again will unpin them.

Note: We can pin an unlimited number of chats but it will show up to 7 channels on the left panel.

We have recently released a new feature that gives you the flexibility to convert Tasks to Notes and vice versa. It will now be more time efficient whenever an opportunity comes along where you need to change your notes information to tasks.

Some tasks are more important than others, and some notes are not to be missed! Pinning a task/Note/Supbtask on top of the tasklist is a great way to help organize your project and prevent important tasks from going unnoticed.

If you ever wished you could just keep one or more of your tasks pinned somewhere while you're navigating between projects and pages, this feature is for you. Let me show you how it works!

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