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Taskworld’s new “Experimental” environment

Did you ever wonder what improvements and new features our team is working on?

You now have the opportunity to experience it for yourself!

In our new “Experimental” environment, you can try out some features that are in early-stage development!

Check our User Guide to learn How to access Experimental and discover new Taskworld features today!

Disclaimer: “Experimental” is not an isolated environment. All changes made while in Experimental mode (like creating new tasks or leaving comments) will be reflected in your regular workspace. Features in Experimental are not guaranteed to be released and might contain bugs.

Protect your account with Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra level of security to your Taskworld account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

We know that data privacy is a crucial part of any organization's operations. At Taskworld, we want to make sure that you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that your data is safe with us.

With 2FA, you will get a One-Time-Password from your preferred authenticator whenever you log in to Taskworld – this way no one but you can access your account.

Check our User Guide for a step-by-step guideline and enable 2FA today!

Easily find everything you look for in one place!

Introducing Taskworld’s new Global Search

Taskworld’s new Global Search does not only allow you to search in projects and tasks but now also supports:

  • All Chats and Comments - you don’t have to pick a specific task or channel anymore to search in conversations

  • People - directly interact with your team by assigning tasks, sending messages, or giving feedback

  • Attachments - find attachments and preview or download them right from the search console

Focus on what’s important for you and your team and don’t waste time finding things in your workspace - category filters let you find what you need faster without the hassle of scrolling through irrelevant search results.

Try it out now and let us know what you think!

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