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The Automation feature enables user to automate tasks which will help them to reduce the efforts in creating automatically subtask, assign users to the task etc. It will help them to reduce their workload.

Automation feature is only available from the Business Plan and it is a group of preset rules that we have setup for the first phase of our release. Currently, only the admin can create automation for the project he/she is involved in.

Automation Options

  • When due date is approaching then move task

  • When due date is approaching then add assignee

  • When due date is approaching then add followers.

  • When task added to the project then add followers

  • When task status completed then move the task


  • Automation feature available for Business, Enterprise and all legacy plans.

  • Project Admin has the power to create, edit, delete, turn on and turn off the Automation rule.

  • Automation rule will be created for Single Project only. If there are multiple project the multiple automation rule has to be created by the Project Admin

  • Project User has only view access.

  • Preset Automation rules are created by the System. Admin will only have to add the input and save it.

How to enable Automation:

  1. Click on the create button and you will be taken to Preset Rule page, where user will be able to see different kind of automation that are available to him/her.

  2. User can select any automations, that are showcased here and it will take them to the trigger screen.

  3. Users can add their value as per their requirement.

  4. Once the automation is added, the user can click on the Create button, and the automation will be created.

Notification in Automation

  1. If any automation runs, it will showcase in the notification section.

  2. If you are current on the project, a notification tab bar will also show case.

  3. Users can also check the Project Activity log of the project to see what all the automation has been initiated.

  4. Users can also check the automation initiated through task activity logs.

Enable/Disable in Automation:

  1. Project Admin has an option to enable and disable automation.

  1. Members can only view the automation, but would not have the facility to edit, delete, and turn on or off the automation.

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