We have came across a certain situation where whenever we mention our teammate to review a task for us before further completing it, they at times forget about that assignment or will most likely be covered by recent comments from your fellow teammates with in the task.

Well we got you 😉

Request review is now made available, so that we have the liberty of assigning someone to review the task that will no longer be forgotten nor be covered by recent comments. As it will show on the assignee's overview page and it will be on top of the comment section of the task.


  1. Open up a Task.

  2. Click on the Comment Tab, on the lower right corner where you type in your comment you will see a check in a chat icon which is the Request Review icon.

  3. Click the icon and a pop up will appear where you can choose who needs to review the task and an included description on what needs to be done.

  4. You can also set a Reminder by clicking the bell icon right next to the X icon.

  5. The reviewer will then receive a notification that you added them as a reviewer on that specific task.


  1. Click the notification we have received.

  2. We will be routed to the task where we have the option to either Approve, Request changes or Close the Review Request for that task.

  3. Below the comment tab there will be drop down icon to choose whether to Approve or Request changes on a task.

  4. Right beside the drop down icon is the X icon where you can close the review request.

    • When clicking Request changes a pop up will appear where you need to leave a comment on why the task needs to have further changes, after submitting it the comment will show up in the comment section but it will not close up the review request

    • When clicking Approve a pop up will appear where you need to leave a comment after submitting the comment the review request will be closed and a comment will be generated on the comment section that it had been approved.

  5. We also have the option where we don't need to choose approve nor request a change to leave a comment by clicking on the Review Mode that has the check in a chat icon.


  1. Go to the Overview page.

  2. On the right corner of the screen you will see two tabs, the second tab is where you will see the number of tasks you have approved or had request changes.

Note: Approved overview chart is not clickable.

3. You can use the Approval Request filter to check related tasks.

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