Pinning Task to Tray
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If you ever wished you could just keep one or more of your tasks pinned somewhere while you're navigating between projects and pages, this feature is for you. Let me show you how it works!

Pinning Task to Tray

  1. Let's open a Task properties.

  2. To pin a Task to Tray, click on the "-" button in the top right corner of Task properties bar.

  3. The task sidebar will be minimized and pinned to the tray in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  4. If the Tasks Tray is distracting or getting in your way, you can easily collapse it by clicking on the Arrow Down button in bottom right corner.

  5. To see all the Tasks we hid in collapsed Tray, simply click on the Tray button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  6. If you wanna unpin a Task without unpinning it, you can do that by clicking on x icon.

Navigating over Unlimited Number of Tasks

You can pin unlimited number of tasks! If the tasks tabs cannot be comfortably displayed on the screen, the previously pinned task will be hidden under a `...` dropdown button on the left end of the tray. Click it to see your remaining tasks.

  1. And if you'd like to quickly clear up the Tray, just click on the 'Clear all' option.

  2. You can open any of the tasks in the dropdown by simply clicking on the name. Close it, by clicking on the X.

  3. When you're done with the Task and don't need it anymore, simply close it by clicking X in the top right corner.

Note: Pinned Tasks are stored in a local storage on your device. This means that your tray is synchronized between tabs in the same browser, on the same device. However, there's currently no cross-device or cross-app synchronization.

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