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Some tasks are more important than others, and some notes are not to be missed! Pinning a task/Note/Supbtask on top of the tasklist is a great way to help organize your project and prevent important tasks from going unnoticed.

Pinning and Unpinning Task

1. Just right-click on the task and select 'Pin to this tasklist'.

  • The task will be moved to the top of the tasklist and a pin icon will appear. The task card will also have a light yellow background. You can pin all kinds of tasks - Tasks, Subtasks or Notes.

2. Once pinned the task will be moved to the top of the Tasklist.

3. When in the project view, you can also Pin/Unpin the task using the '...' menu button in task properties.

  • You cannot access pinning feature when viewing task in a non-project view.

4. You can Unpin the Task by right-clicking on the task and select 'Unpin to this tasklist'.

5. If you decide to unpin a task, you'll have to confirm by clicking 'Unpin it' on a modal.

* Note:

  • A task can be pinned in only one Tasklist at a time.

    • Task pin settings are per project, so same task can be pinned in different projects independently.

  • Pinned tasks can be dragged and dropped between Tasklists.

    • When dropped on a non-pinned task, the pinned task will be dropped above unpinned tasks, below the last pinned task in that tray. If dropped on other pinned tasks, the user can select on which spot the task should be dropped.

  • Pinned tasks can be completed!

    • And if you change your mind and uncomplete it later, it will be restored at the last known location.

Pinning and Unpinning Note

Pinning and Unpinning Subtask

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