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UPDATE OCTOBER 2021 - You can now bulk edit tasks with Table View! Learn how to do it below.

Table View provides visibility and gives layout flexibility to perform advanced task management in every project. Whether you are a project manager or team member, Table View allows you to restructure the way information works for you.

With its in-cell editing capability, it offers a powerful way to collaborate with your team and work on your tasks in a 'familiar' spreadsheet format.

Let us walk you through how you can use Table View effectively.

  1. Head over to any one of your projects to get started.

  2. Click on “Table” to access Table View

  3. Click on “View Settings” to select and see only things that matter to you on the table.

Work on the table directly with In-Cell Editing

  1. Hover over the task

  2. Simply click on the task title to edit it

  3. Open the task card by clicking on the expand icon or empty spaces in the task title

  4. Icons next to the task title indicate the number of comments and files - including the red bubble that lets you know if you have any unread comments!

Flexibility to Rearrange Information

  1. Click on "Sort" and Select how you want to arrange your Table view

2. you may also hover over the header to sort the list

3. You can easily drag columns to adjust the column width.

4. Hover between tasklists to quickly add a new one

Bulk editing

Complete multiple tasks at once or change task properties in bulk.

  1. Open a project and go to the tab “Table”

  2. Next to the completion icon, you’ll see square selection boxes. Click the boxes to multi-select tasks or click the box in the top row to select all tasks

  3. Once you selected your tasks a drop-down menu will appear in the top row

  4. Select which action you want to perform

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