Q2 2021
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Table View is now better than ever

Get it done - the way you want

Your project management tool should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we made Table View even more customizable, so you can manage your projects the way it’s best for YOU!

Here’s a list of what’s new. Check out our Table View user guide article to learn how to use these new functionalities.

Better visibility:

  • Easily drag columns to adjust the column width

  • Like Table better than Board view? Pin it as your personal default view for individual or all projects

  • Icons next to the task title indicate the number of comments and files - including the red bubble that lets you know if you have any unread comments!

  • “Completion date” and “Remind on” have been added as column options in the view settings so you can see everything you need to know at a glance

Task interaction made easy:

  • Simply click on the task title to edit it

  • Open the task card by clicking on the expand icon or empty spaces in the task title

  • Right-click on the task title opens the options widget (just like you know it from Board view)

  • Hover between tasklists to quickly add a new one

  • Past dates are now greyed out to make sure you’re not accidentally selecting a wrong date

Subtask just got a lot better!

When we released our beta version of Subtasks earlier this year, we gathered a lot of feedback about what was working for you, and what was… well, needing improvement.

One comment that we received most often was:

“I don’t want to see Subtasks as separate task cards on the Kanban board view.”

We heard you! We just made subtasks cleaner, and a lot easier to organize – new subtasks are now added below the main task and you can show or hide separate subtasks in all views!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Show or hide individual subtask cards in all views

  • Show or hide subtasks in the main task card in Board view

  • Subtasks are added below the main task by default

  • New subtask design makes it easier to distinguish between main tasks and subtasks.

  • The “view settings” button is now centrally located in the top right corner for Board, Table, and Timeline View

Try the new Subtasks now and keep an eye out for more Subtasks updates and other exciting feature releases coming soon!

Taskworld’s timeline just leveled up!

Our new and improved timeline includes:

  • The fixed header to make sure you always know exactly where you are, even when you navigate through hundreds of tasks.

  • A flexible layout (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly) that lets you see the big picture or plan your next sprint.

  • The search bar to find the tasks you need to focus on now.

​Additionally, you can now:

  • Expand and collapse all tasklists

  • See the task title and assignee within the timeline

  • Show and edit task properties

  • Jump straight to the respective due date on the timeline by clicking the arrow next to the task title

Our new completion icon leaves no room for confusion!

After we released our new completion icon end of last year, we received mixed feedback from our user community. Some loved the changes, some found the new icon not clear enough.

Taking this feedback into account and conducting more usability tests, we have now released our updated completion icon.

  • We removed the grey checkmark for incomplete tasks

  • The task title of completed tasks will now appear struck through

  • We kept the neat animation to make completing tasks fun without confusion!

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