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Lock task
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What is Lock Task?

For every project, you can select between different permission settings for project members, however, these are then applied for all tasks within the project. If you have individual tasks that should not be altered, but would like to keep the rest of the project open for members, you can lock individual tasks to restrict the editing of task properties by project members.

What task details are affected?

When a task is locked, project members can no longer change:

  • Task title

  • Task description

  • Location

  • Due dates

  • Assignees

  • Task points

All other task properties as well as the comment and files sections are not affected.

Who can lock tasks?

All project admins can lock and unlock tasks. Project members need to contact the respective project admin if they would like to change any of the locked properties

How to lock/unlock tasks

  1. Click on the task you would like to lock/unlock to open the task window

  2. In the top right corner of the task window, you’ll see a lock symbol

  3. The lock symbol will appear open or closed depending on the lock status

  4. Simply click on the lock symbol to lock/unlock the task

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