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Task Management 101
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Ever asked yourself why so much work falls through the cracks? With these tips, you can make sure that you and your team are never missing a deadline again.

  1. EVERY task should have a due date - if you’re just dropping general information or resources for your project with no immediate deliverable, create a note instead

  2. Make sure to set your team mates who are supposed to contribute to the task as assignees and add anyone who needs to keep track of the progress as a follower

  3. If your task has no hard deadline set the earliest date you want to get back to it

  4. Set a reminder for yourself or others, especially if the task is in the far future

  5. Doing this task regularly? Set it as recurring

  6. There are multiple deadlines to this task? Consider splitting it into subtasks

See here how to set up a repeating task for your team including deadlines and reminders in under a minute!

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