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Taskworld's Core Features - Advanced Project Management.
Taskworld's Core Features - Advanced Project Management.
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  • Break down your tasks in manageable action items

  • Individual assignees, due dates and comment sections

  • Different viewing options to suit your workflow

Learn here how to make Subtasks part of your workflow.

Project Analytics

  • Keep track of a project’s development and identify bottlenecks before they arise

  • See how your team is progressing against the project deadline

  • Neatly organized in charts and progress bars

Here we explain the different elements of the Analytics page and how to export them to create project reports in no time!


  • Bundle tasks by topic or keyword across all projects

  • Use them as filter in the Overview page

  • Create your own tags

Check out our User Guide articles on how to use Tags and how to edit them.

Multiple Locations

  • Assign the same task to multiple projects

  • All changes are synchronized automatically, no matter from which project you update the task

  • A great way to involve several teams or organize tasks from bigger department projects to smaller teams or individual projects

Learn here how to add Multiple Locations to your tasks.

Different project views

  • Table - Layout flexibility and advanced task management in a familiar spreadsheet view

  • Timeline - Streamline processes and workflows with a Gantt chart - on a project or workspace level.

  • Calendar - See what’s up this month and sync to your Outlook, Google or macOS calendar

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