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Convert Task to Note vise versa
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We have recently released a new feature that gives you the flexibility to convert Tasks to Notes and vice versa. It will now be more time efficient whenever an opportunity comes along where you need to change your notes information to tasks.


  1. Workspace Guests are not allowed to convert Tasks to Note and vice versa.

  2. When converting from Task to Note.

    • Assignees and followers will become Followers.

    • Removing task data:

      • When removing: Display Modal or a warning that some data will be lost.

      • What should be kept: Description, Location, Tags, Label, GitHub, Comments, Files, and Links.

      • Subtasks should be converted to regular tasks and detached from the parent

  3. We should be able to convert a Completed task into a Note.

  4. When converting from Note to Task, it will keep all the information.

Converting a Task in to a Note

  • via Task Menu

  • via Compact Menu, right-click.

Converting a Note into a Task

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