Set up projects in a split second with Project Templates!

Standardize recurring processes and save time on administration by creating templates from your own projects.

You’ve already put in the hard work of establishing your workflow, no need to waste time repeating the setup process when you can simply recreate that process with just a few clicks.

Learn more about project templates here and keep an eye out for new expert-built templates coming to your Taskworld workspace soon!

Maximize Task

We have innovated our task property visibility for a more optimized view of its details and in-depth sight of its contents without the need for you to go back and forth from the comments to the task details.

Learn more about the feature here.

Status Page

You may access the information via the link:

Posted on this page are the following:

- Updates in regards to the migration and what's working or not during the process.

- Downtimes/ Outages

- Reported issues and their status.

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