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Troubleshooting of Notifications
Troubleshooting of Notifications
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Receiving notifications are important and at times there are unforeseen circumstances wherein we suddenly no longer receive notifications from Taskworld either on our Mobile or Desktop.



iOS > If you are using TW in Chrome/ Safari Browser. You will not receive the Notification on the screen (but you will receive in the Taskworld itself).


iOS > If you are using TW APP. You will receive the Notification on the screen and inside the Taskworld itself too.


However, about the grouping notification on TW APP, you can do the setting as a grouping or turn off the option. More detail is here:


We are not supporting if there is Chrome notification but it’s not showing in the action center.

  1. Allow the site notification and sound in the browser

    It has to be “Allow”

2. Allow the notification to show in the Window settings

Scroll down, please ensure that Chrome app is enabled. Please click on Chrome to access the next page

Make sure that it’s enabled.

3. Allow push notifications in chrome

See “How to enable or disable Chrome native notifications” Section

* Don't forget to relaunch Chrome app in step 4

Restart the PC 1 time.

  • How to solve the banner is not showing issue:

KR version: the customer can see the browser notification (one way -- banner or in action center), that means Taskworld successfully sent the push notification to the customer side already but to show as a banner or in the action center is more on Operation System. We cannot do anything much, please see the guide above to solve this issue.


Big Sur (Able to group the message by the OS)

In App Noti > Yes, we got it

Browser Noti > No, we did not get them (Banner and Alert)

We never got the message from Browser Noti. It seems not supported. Here is the reference from Google Support:

Catalina (Able to group the message by the OS)

In App Noti > Yes, we got it

Browser Noti > Yes, we got it but sometime (Banner and Alert)

Got the first time and disappear after that from Browser Noti

High Sierra

In App Noti > Yes, we got it

Browser Noti > Yes, we always get it (Banner and Alert)

I always get the messages from Browser Noti


Make sure that “Do not disturb” is DISABLED

  1. Allow the site notification and sound in the browser, by clicking Site Settings.

2. You will then be rerouted to the settings page of chrome, hover over notifications and click the dropdown and choose Allow.

3. Allow the settings in Notifications setting. Go to system preference > Search for notifications and choose Google Chrome.

4. Toggle Allow Notifications.

  • FAQ

Q: Will we receive the notification if the browser and standalone app are not opened?

A: We can receive the notification if one of them is running in the background. If it’s not running in the background, the user will not be able to receive the notification.

NOTE: For additional information please click this Notifications and Rules for Taskworld.

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