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Basic troubleshooting
Basic troubleshooting
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We’re sorry to hear that you’re encountering technical issues with Taskworld. Let’s try to fix this together!

Please try these steps first.

1. Clear your Taskworld cache and cookies

Taskworld is updated regularly. Sometimes the issue might happen because the systems still using an older version of Taskworld.

Clearing cache and cookies helps the system to start fresh with the up-to-date version of Taskworld.

2. Try using Taskworld in incognito mode

To open web browser in incognito/private browsing mode:

  • Press Command + Shift + N on Mac

  • or Ctrl + Shift + N on Windows

Do let our support team know if the issue is happening only in either mode or both.

3. Try a different browser

Sometime the issue could be specific to a web browser.

If you happen to have multiple web browsers, you may try using a different browsers and let our support team know the results.

These are the browsers Taskworld currently supports:
Google Chrome (Chrome is the most optimized Browser for Taskworld)
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge

4. Try a different device

Sometime the issue could be specific to a device.

If you happen to have multiple devices, you may try using a different devices and let our support team know the results.

Several options you could try includes:

  • Use other PC

  • Try with different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

  • Use Taskworld from mobile web browsers

  • Taskworld mobile app

5. Update web browser version

  • For more information about your browser and the PC you are using please click Browser Information for MAC users please use MacOS.

6. Restart PC

Last resort to resolves the issue.

These are the guide to help you out whenever you encounter certain issues with Taskworld, this will also save you time to resolve the issue on your side without the need of reaching out to our support team, but if the issue still persists please don't hesitate to reach us out as we are always happy to help.

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