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Performance Running Slow
Performance Running Slow
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Like any interactive website, performance issues are unfortunate, but it can happen.

When experiencing performance issues using Taskworld, use the following questions and troubleshooting steps to narrow down and identify the causes.

We hope this article could help you solve any slowness issues you're experiencing, or to be able to get rapid help from our support team.

Follow basic troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a double win. It means that you can sometimes resolve problems simply and immediately, or, it gives the support team the best start to fixing the issue.

To complement the above link, there are a few helpful suggestions below.

Local Resources

If you have multiple computers/workstations in your workspace. You can try using Taskworld with a different machine to see if the issue still remains.

If 1 computer is having the issue but not other computers, we can identify this as a computer-specific issue.

If this is a computer-specific issue, we'd recommend trying these options:

  • Try closing all running programs and see if Taskworld performance is better.

  • When using Taskworld in a web browser, try to close all browser tabs except Taskworld and see if the performance is better.

  • When using Taskworld in a web browser, try disabling any extensions/add-ons of the web browser and see if the performance is better.

We also have a separate guide for monitoring system performance: How to Check System Performance.

This information will help identify if the computer is the performance bottleneck.

You may include those snapshots when forwarding the issue to our customer support.

Is there an issue with network connectivity?

Taskworld is an interactive website that requires a consistent connection between the website and its backend services.

  • You can identify if it is a network connection issue by trying to refresh the page.

  • You may try accessing a different website to determine if the slowness is limited to the Taskworld or is part of a larger network problem.

  • You can also narrow down network-specific issues by trying to access Taskworld in different network connections. For example, you may try your home network, work network, or cellular connection, and see if the issue still remains. The problem might lie within organization-specific network configuration Especially for enterprise customers. Contact your IT department to ensure your network configuration is not blocking Taskworld.

Reducing the Amount of Tasks in a Project

One of the most common performance issues in the project page is due to the amount of tasks being shown in the page.

Taskworld has no limitations on the amount of tasks you can have in a single project. However, you may come across slowness when there are a lot of tasks showing in one screen.

If you suspect that this is the issue, you may try the following solutions:

  • Compare the performance with smaller projects. If there are significant performance differences, try reducing the amount of tasks to get the performance to the acceptable level.

  • Switch to a different project view. See if there are performance differences between Board column view, Board list view, and Table view.

If this is the issue, when contacting our customer support, kindly help provide us with the amount of tasks and the project view that causes the slowness (And if any specific setup reduces the slowness).

Get help from our customer support

If you've followed all of the troubleshooting suggestions above and are still having performance issues, contact our customer support for further assistance. Please provide the results of the above troubleshooting steps so we can further investigate the slowness.

Please try to add as much info as possible , these information will be very helpful for our investigation:

  • Screen recording showing the slowness. This is very important for us to understand the severity and the impacted area of the slowness. And for us to be able to troubleshoot the issue faster.

  • Which operating system(s) is/are impacted by the issue.

  • Which web browser(s) is/are impacted by the issue.

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