Creating a Team to assign them to Tasks or Projects

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If you ever wished you could create a group of members and assign them to tasks or projects... This is something for you!

The new Teams feature is currently an MVP and we have plans to release a series of improvements in a short time.

* Note: In a Team, there can only be one Team Leader, but for Admins, it's a different case, as we can have unlimited admins in one Team. Currently, they both have the same roles and share the same administrative power. However, in the future, when a teamwork delegation feature will be added, a team leader will have an additional purpose.

Only an Admin can set up a Team and this feature will not be available for Freemium and Premium Plans.

Create and Manage Teams

  1. To create and manage Teams go to People page.

  2. You can find Teams under... you guessed! A Teams tab!

  3. If this is the first time using the Teams feature and no teams have been created yet, you'll see a welcome screen

  4. Click on Create Team.

  5. Enter the name of your Team

  6. Click on + to select a Team Leader. You cannot create a team if you don't select one.

  7. Click on + if you want to add more members. This is optional. You can have a team of one!

  8. Click on Create

  9. Success! If you wish to add more members, you can do so now.

Customizing the Teams Avatar

  1. Go to the People Page.

  2. Click Teams, then click the photo right beside your team's name.

  3. Choose a photo that best represents the team.

Customizing Member Roles

  1. Hovering on the Team's member and clicking on the triple dot icon will show you available options

  2. You can make a Team member a Team Admin They will be able to add and remove members, change the leader and delete the team.

  3. You can downgrade Team admins back to Team Members Not everyone can handle the power that comes with the Admin role...

  4. You can transfer the Team Leadership to another user

  5. Confirm before you do ;)

  6. The ex Team Leader will be downgraded to a simple Admin.

  7. You can of course remove members from the Team

  8. We will ask for your confirmation to prevent accidental removals

Team Channel ( Leaving, Deleting, and Restoring)

When you create a Team, a new Team channel is created automatically

Only the Team Members have access to the Team Chat. Do you want to add someone? You have to make them Team members.

  1. Hovering on the Team member and clicking on the triple dot icon will show you the Team options button.

  2. You can leave a team.
    The team leader cannot leave the team. You'll have to transfer the leadership to someone else.

  3. You'll be asked to confirm before we'll let you leave.

  4. And of course. you can delete a Team.

    The teams aren't really deleted. They are just marked as deleted. You'll be able to restore them later.

  5. You can select such deleted team and restore it!

Adding Teams in a Task

Teams can be assigned as an Assignee or Follower to a task.

In the selector, click on the Teams tab and select the Team to assign it.

This means that if a "Team A" was assigned to 5 tasks and 3 projects if you add a new member to that team he will gain access to those 5 tasks and 3 projects automatically.

This is what a Team assignee label looks like

By the way, if the Team or Team members weren't previously members of the Project, you will have to confirm you want to add them

You can mention Teams in the comments same as any other user.

The same rules of assigning teams to Tasks apply to Project settings

You can add a Team as a Project Admin or Project Member

All the team members will automatically inherit the privileges, so be careful when you make a team an Admin!

And this is how the Team labels will look if the Team is deleted

When the team is removed, we keep all the assignments on, so you can still track those.

Things we will have but don't yet

There are a few things that we wished to include in this feature that we weren't able to finish on time but are coming soon:

  • Team notifications - right now there are none

  • Filtering by Team in the Overview page

  • Mentioning a Team in Channels

We also continue to work on new and improved ways to manage your Team's tasks.

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