When would you want this information?

  • When customer is facing slowness or performance issues.

How to check system performance

*Be sure to have the program opened before performing the action in Taskworld. Or else the performance might not be accurate.

  • Windows

    • Task manager: You can open it by either:

      • Press 'Ctrl + Alt + Del' then select 'Task Manager'

      • Right click on taskbar and select 'Task Manager'

    • Note that you might find the Task Manager opened in simple mode at first. Click 'More details' to open the full view.

  • Go to the 'Processes' tab. Sort by 'CPU'. Capture the screenshot.
    Sort by 'Memory'. Capture the screenshot.

  • Go to the 'Performance' tab. Capture the screenshot.

  • MacOS

    • Activity monitor: CPU tab. Sort by '% CPU'. Capture the screenshot.

  • Memory tab. Sort by 'Memory'. Capture the screenshot.

  • Linux

    • TBA

Basic troubleshooting for system performance

  • Basic troubleshooting still applies (Clearing browser cache & data, re-open browser, restart the PC)

  • If there are high resource consuming programs other than the web browser. Try closing them and see if Taskworld performance is better.

  • If the web browser is consuming a lot of resources, try to close all tabs except Taskworld. Then, check the resource consumption again. If the consumption is still high, screenshot the usage for us.

  • Tips: Try to ask or look for patterns. Does the issue happen on specific actions or locations?

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